My timers aren’t right? What do I do?

  • Make sure you are looking at the correct screen American timers for USA cycle hours and Canadian timers for the Canadian cycle hours.
  • Your timers are set according to your HOS cycle times you select each time you enter the Switchboard application. Please make sure you have set the right cycle hours. 
  • Please double check to make sure that you have followed your cycle hours correctly by looking at your logbook for the current and previous day to see if you have taken your full break/off-duty/sleeper time, exceeded your driving time or driving window (see right end of your HOS graph). 
  • In the driver screen, there is a counter for the number of hours Off-Duty and your driving time should reset after 10 hours consecutive off-duty and your full cycle hours should reset after 34 consecutive hours Off-Duty in the US and 36 hours in Canada.

If you think your times are wrong, you can keep driving as long as your logbook looks right and you believe its a software issue. DOT officers will only see your logs and not your timers.

If you still believe the timers are incorrect, please email support@onswitchboard with a screenshot of your timers, as well as your logs for the past 2 days. Please let me know how many hours are you expecting to see vs. what your timers are showing.

By default, the timers are capped so that the driving times will never exceed remaining cycle hours. This means that if you have more hours left to drive in a day, but are almost out of cycle hours, your driving time will not have the full 8 hours for the day but only show the cycle time left. There is a setting in the application under Settings > Personal > Cap driving timers where you can change this setting.