I’m having trouble connecting the engine module to the Switchboard ELD. What should I do?

Make sure that you have upgraded your application to the most recent version of the Switchboard application. 

Reset your Bluetooth connection:

  1. Change your duty status to off-duty, log out and close the Switchboard application.
  2. Disconnect any other Bluetooth devices (like a headset).
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth on your mobile device. 
  4. Wait 1 minute.
  5. Open the Switchboard application and log in.
  6. On the engine connection screen, select “Connect to Engine” 
  7. Press “Allow” on the next screen to turn on your Bluetooth connection.
  8. Wait 1 minute, your engine module should show up, then select the your Engine Device to connect, and select Finish
  9. If your engine module does not show up press scan, then see #7. 

If the above does not work, reset your device:

  1. Sign out of the Switchboard application (change your status to off-duty), then turn off your mobile device
  2. Turn off the vehicle
  3. Unplug the cable from your vehicle's diagnostics port
  4. Wait 1 minute before re-plugging the cable
  5. Turn the vehicle back on and wait 1 minute
  6. Turn on your mobile device
  7. Continue with the login process on screen and connect to the device

If you are in a yard or parking lot, a nearby driver may have accidentally connected to your engine module. Once you drive away, your device will attempt to re-connect to the module. Please make sure that you are connected before starting your main driving trip for the day. 

If you have reset, and have the most recent version but are still experiencing issues. 

Please contact us support@onswitchboard.com please include more information on what you’re experiencing and what you have tried to do to resolve it.

How do I know if my engine device is connected and my Switchboard ELD is working properly?

Typically, once you start moving at a speed of 20 miles per hour or faster, your duty status will automatically change to driving or if you go to the Trip Information page, you should be able to see a Odometer reading and/or a VIN number.