The Switchboard application only works on Android devices, not any iOS/Apple devices like the iPhone or the iPad. 

The minimum requirements for a mobile device for the Switchboard ELD are:

  1. at least Android version 4.4
  2. Bluetooth version 4.0 
  3. an actual GPS chip

If any of these requirements are not met, the Switchboard ELD will not show up in your app store. Some tablets that do not work include certain Samsung Lite tablets (including the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Samsung Galaxy E Lite), RCA tablets and Amazon Fire tablets because they are missing some of these components.

Unfortunately, our timeline for developing the iOS app has been delayed. We currently do not have a set release date. We wanted to make sure that the Android app took priority and we take all the bugs out of it before we move further on the iOS app.

If you're looking for Android devices, we have custom tablets in stock with the Switchboard application (pre-installed) and is sold with an unlimited data plan that includes coverage across Canada and the United States. If you're interested in purchasing this, please email