Training drivers to use Switchboard is easy! We have made Switchboard as simple to possible to transition from paper logs on to Switchboard Electronic Logs & AOBRDs.

For the office staff that is planning to train drivers to use Switchboard, here are the best method to get your drivers up and running.

First, Add your Drivers to Switchboard

To add your drivers to Switchboard, first log in and select the Drivers tab on the top of the screen.

After you are on the Drivers screen, select the Add Driver button.

You will be prompted to enter the following information for your driver:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • License Number / Country / Province
  • ...and some additional information

When you are entering the "Phone Number" for your driver, make sure it's the cellphone number.
 Your driver will receive a text message with his or her username and password for their Switchboard account.

Second, Introduce your Drivers to the Switchboard App / Hardware

When your drivers have their username and password (from the step above), you are now ready to introduce them to Switchboard.

Your drivers will either download the Switchboard app to their smartphones, or use Switchboard on the tablet hardware provided. Make sure that your drivers have their username and password, then provide them with the Switchboard or tablet to follow along with the tutorial videos below.

Third, Show your Drivers the following YouTube Videos

Go to, and show your drivers the following 1-2 minute videos which teach your drivers how to:

  • Change Duty Statuses
  • Complete a Trip Inspection
  • Edit their Hours-of-Service Logs
  • Show the Logs to Officers
  • ...and more.

Done correctly, it should take about 30 minutes to get your drivers confident with the Switchboard Electronic Logging Device. Now your drivers are ready to hit the road with proper usage of Switchboard!