Setting Duty Statuses will be the primary tasks that your driver will be performing when your drivers are operating the Switchboard Electronic Logs. We have designed Switchboard to be as easy as use as possible!

On the tablet, select "Driver" to go into the Driver Screen

Driver Screen

Once you're in the Driver Screen, you'll be able to set the Duty Statuses. Here you can view simple timers on how much driving/on-duty/cycle timers you have left.

Selecting Duty Statuses

Whenever you are in each duty status, select that duty status button. For example, when you are On-Duty, press the "On-Duty" button. An annotations screen should pop up.


On the annotations screen, select the appropriate annotation for that duty status. For example, if you are fueling, select the "fueling" option. If you have any more comments, enter it at the bottom of the screen. After you are done, select "Change Duty".

And that is it! From recording duty statuses, your logs should be automatically created!