To view your driver logs, it is easy. Driver logs are automatically generated from the usage of the Switchboard Electronic Logging Device.

First, log in to Switchboard on Select the "Drivers" section, and you'll your list of drivers. On the list of drivers, for the driver you which to see their logs, select "View Details".

On the Driver Details, select "HOS Logs" on the left.

Hour of Service Logs

Here you'll be able to see various information on your drivers Hours-of-Service.:

  • Odometer Readings: Your driver's odometer start/end distances for the day, as well as the difference.
  • Trip Inspections: Your driver's trip inspections for the day, and any corresponding defects.
  • Violations: The HOS violations that your drivers have triggered over the course of the day.
  • Co-Driver Info:  Your driver's co-driver for the day. If your driver has a co-driver you will be able to view his or her log as well.
  • Event List: The list of events (duty status changes)

If you want to view the logs for a different date, select a different date under "On Date" on the top of the page.

Printing Logs

You are able to print your logs or download a PDF of multiple days of logs. At the top right of the page, select "Print Logs", then select the date(s) you'd like to include. To select multiple dates, click "add date", and continue doing this till you have the dates you would like.  After selecting the dates, select "Print All" or "Download All".