There could be a few cases in which your GPS is not showing up on your Switchboard Map. Ensure the following:

Your Switchboard Tablet is not connected to your Switchboard Engine Module.

The Switchboard Tablet must be connected to the Switchboard Engine Module to get the Satellite GPS signal. To check to see whether your Switchboard Tablet is connected, log into your Switchboard Tablet and look at the home screen.

If there is a red exclamation (!) on the top right of the screen, then your tablet is not connected.

To connect to the Switchboard Engine Module, do the following on the tablet:

  • Press the red exclamation mark
  • Select "Scan" to detect the Switchboard Engine Module
    • Ensure that the Switchboard Engine Module is plugged into your vehicle
    • Ensure that your Switchboard Tablet is within range (in the same cab) of the Switchboard Engine Module
  • Select the Switchboard Engine Module (should be a "GNX" serial number) to connect

You have not initialized the Switchboard Tablet with your Vehicle

To initialize the Switchboard Tablet with your vehicle, log into the tablet, and enter the Vehicle ID and go to the Home Screen. With the Vehicle ID entered, the tablet is not initialized with the vehicle.