Editing your logs is simple and quick!

Go to the Driver Details for your driver, and then select Hours of Service Logs on the left sidebar.

To make an edit, select Edit Log.

To make an edit, you need to enter the following information:

Enter Time

You will enter the start and end times to pick a section of your log that you wish to set to a particular duty status.

Enter Duty Status

For the section of time between the "Start Time" and the "End Time", select what Duty Status you wish to set the section to.

After select "Complete", and your edit is made!

Edits Awaiting Confirmation

When you make an edit to your log, it is sent over to your driver. To ensure that there are no conflicts between the logs at the office and the driver, the driver needs to receive the logs before making any further edits.

To speed up the process of confirmation, let your driver go to the View Logs screen, then select the refresh button to reload (and confirm) their logs.