There may be times when the current location of your vehicle is not showing up on the web platform and/or their logs are not up to date. This can happen for 3 reasons:

A) The driver is in an area with little or no cellular reception. If this is the case, allow them some time to enter an area with better reception.

B) The driver has disabled cellular data on their own mobile device. If this is the case, please tell your driver to enable the data on their mobile phone/tablet.

C) The Switchboard device needs a cellular reset. If this is the case, please follow the instructions below:

Your Switchboard Tablet is not sending data back to the office

1) Navigate to the Drivers tab and click View Details next to the driver having the issue

2) On the details page, locate and click the Reset Data button in the bottom right

3) Once you complete the process, ask your driver to POWER OFF their tablet, and then POWER ON their tablet