Step 1: Please turn-off the trucks' ignition and disconnect the Engine module together with the cable that is attached to the truck's diagnostic port. This can be found under the steering wheel.

Step 2: Once done, log out from the Switchboard application.

Step 3:  Connect the devices then turn the truck engine on again. Please wait till the light (red or yellow or green) on the Engine module(Small Black box) turns solid without blinking.

Step 4: Log in to the application and connect to the Engine module and go to the main page where it shows “Driver, View Logs, Show Officer and Settings” options.

Step 5: Wait for 5 minutes and a red exclamation mark will show up on top toolbar of the screen. Click on that and see if it shows “PT_30 Engine module update is available” click on this and update the engine module.

Step 6: Once done this will work perfectly fine!