Getting your drivers set up on Switchboard Electronic Logging Devices is easy.

You first need to set up a driver account.

Setting up a Driver Account

First, log into Switchboard at

Select the "Drivers" tab on the top bar, and then click Add Driver.

Enter your driver information.
Ensure that the "Phone Number" input is a cellphone number. The driver's username/password will be sent to that number.

You may wish to select the "Yard Moves" and "Personal Use CMV" boxes if you allow your driver to do Yard Moves and use their vehicle for personal use.

Add your driver.

If you wish to edit your driver's information, click "View Details" for the driver, and then select "Edit Driver" in the Driver Summary page.

If you would like to add a co-driver to one of your trucks, then repeat the previous steps. Once the "co-driver" is ready to log in, make sure the first driver is signed in. Then this "co-driver" will select "co-driver log in" beside the "log out" button on the tablet.  They will enter their username and password and proceed to use the tablet.

After you driver receives his username and password, he is ready to start using Switchboard!